Watching Hummingbirds Feed On Flowers

As off topic as it may seem, I promise you, it is not: when I get stressed, I love to spend time gardening, hiking, bird watching. Just in case if you can’t pick up the theme, I turn to nature when I’m going through hard times.

Today, I wanted to share something personal. As mentioned above, bird watching is just one of my most favorite activities to do. Last time I felt anxious, I found a really cool video that not only alleviated my stress, but also brought to the forefront one of God’s most beautiful creations (other than flowers!): hummingbirds.

I would like to share this video with you today. If you are having a hard time, please hit play. I have found that in my hardest of times, it is simple things like meditation, or watching something as simple as this video. Even my two cats enjoyed it 🙂


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