Want to Grow Plants But Live In An Apartment? No Sweat!

Having my own space to grow a garden the way I like, I look back at a time when I used to live in apartments which is quite common even adults 30 and older in today’s economy. After the big economical collapse in 2008, renting apartments became even more appealing than owning a home, as with homes, if anything breaks down, you have to fix it or replace it yourself.

However, with homes can also come more space and more specifically, a front and/or a backyard. Of course, city or urban homes do not have yard space.

With all that said, welcome to today’s topic: growing plants on a tiny patio or balcony. That’s right: you no longer need to worry about space or soil as there are plenty of ways for you to accomplish this. This video is great; it goes into depth about what options you have and how you can build a thriving, zen green space in your tiny patio or balcony.

Be ready, as it is close to 30 minutes, but a lot of fun to watch and learn from:

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