Preparing My Backyard For A Flower Planting Season

A fair warning: This is more of a personal post.  If you want actual tips on planting and growing wildflowers, start here.

I recently moved to my new home. One of the things I love about my new home is the small backyard that my family and I spend most of our relaxing time in. One afternoon, as I was relaxing, I saw a very beautiful butterfly and it dawned on me that I had to make a small garden to welcome more of these beautiful and awesome creatures. My enthusiasm for gardening grew.

What a better time to do this than during this cold season: winter. There is no much movement and most of the time is spent indoors. The kids would play in the house and therefore I had all my attention focused on my soon to be an attractive flower garden.

My Soon-To-Be Attractive Flower Garden…

Since I had prior experience in flower planting, I began by landscaping the area using a garden hose to mark the exact area where I wanted my flowers to be. My chosen site had good soil; after adding nutrients and determining its pH and it could also get sunlight for up to six hours. With all this, I could choose flowers that require full exposure to the sun.

Next, I had to get rid of all the grass, weeds and sod. This is where my newly acquired Black & Decker electric lawn mower came in handy.   I bought it after reading about it on Mow Like a ChampThis self-propelled mower allowed me to mow my garden with confidence as it runs for almost an hour, making clean grass cuts and doing this effectively. I loved its ability to bag, discharge and mulch the grass clippings depending on the mode I selected. It is very easy to use and if I were to cut grass again in my compound, I would definitely use it over and over. The other great offer that I love is its height adjustment feature; I can change the cutting height to either too low or too high. For my garden, I chose too low.

After cutting, I dug using a garden fork, removed all the debris, added some more manure and then I added the grass cuttings that were finely done by the Black & Decker electric lawn mower. Finally, I leveled the bed and made sure that it was ready for planting this coming spring.

My Lovely Flower Selection

I have chosen to plant three types of flowers: Acoma iris, Snowdrop Anemone, and the Pansy. I chose the Acoma Iris flower type for its variety of colors, its tall growth and its delectable petal varieties; which will be a pretty and awesome addition to my garden style. I loved Pansy for its pleasant, lively uplifted blooms and the various petal colors.

The two flowers will be complemented by the Snowdrop Anemone. It’s fragrant, festive and it will do well in my garden that is slightly shaded. Its ability to bloom even in the fall is an extra bonus that I could not let dodge me. I cannot wait for the winter season to be over so that I can plant the alluring and gorgeous flowers, water them and watch transform my backyard.

Perhaps I’ll create “update posts” once I get it all together.  Now that I’ve got planned out, I am thinking of creating this lovely environment for my yard:

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