Playing With Nature This Spring

This spring has been so beautiful in California!  I am privileged and lucky enough to travel up and down the coast 3-4 times a year on average.  I try to do a long weekend up in Napa Valley: how relaxing it is to taste and sip on wine and to stay in nice spas.

Truly, everyone should experience such extravagances in life:

Hopefully, you also got to read about the super bloom that occured in the Anza-Borrego Park this year. What a sight to behold, as hordes of people were visiting this deliciously, earthly experience. (Hang in there with me, I’ve had two glasses of wine…, so the sentiments come pouring out).

Last weekend, I visited a friend in San Diego who lives near Cowles Mountain. We went hiking three days in a row, at 7:00 am.  The hike would take us about an hour up and about thirty minutes back down.  This was another activity that I have recently rediscovered that relieves me from my daily stresses.  Not only that, but I could feel my body transforming.  I ate better on those days, felt lighter, of course, missed my gardening that I indulge in at least twice a week.  However, it was really amazing to view the whole city from the top of the mountain.  From the bottom, the top would seem so far away.  Yet when I would finally reach the top, I would feel like a million bucks!

The third day, my friend treated us to something I haven’t indulged in for a couple of years!  After a full on lunch (after hiking), she looked up day spa La Jolla, and next thing I know, we are pulling to the more posh area of San Diego.  We went into a very clean, posh day spa where we were greeted with a cheery, beautiful beautician.  At first, I thought we were just there for my friend but when I was told that I had an appointment as well, I could not have been more excited!

I was treated to have an hour long facial and all I know is, I had a great conversation, received a great service, and came out feeling oh-so-refreshed. Me and Kim have always been great friends but she knows that I have been going through a rough patch the last 8 months or so.  For her to do something this amazing for me (and with me) – what a cherished memory!  It will last forever and has cemented our friendship furthermore.

By this weekend, I would like to plant some tomatoes.  I have to confess: for all the wildflowers I can grow, I have killed tomatoes twice in the last couple of years.  It is a project that has haunted me in the back of my mind and after such a fun year, why not celebrate with something as delicious as tomatoes in my very own small backyard?

That’s a lot about me; how about you?  How is your year going?  I love receiving emails full of questions.  Feel free to contact me regarding gardening questions… or just say hi!