Love My Backyard Birds

On Saturday mornings I like to sleep in, but today was different because my girlfriend had finally heard enough excuses and it was time for me to mow the lawn finally. I had to do the job in the morning to avoid heat stress on the grass and myself. The first thing I did was to clear debris from the yard. I also ensured that my pets were safely out of the way before I started. After plugging in my black & decker electric mower, I started the job just as the sun was beginning to rise.


My job was easy because I have a great lawn mower. It allows me to bag, mulch, or discharge while cutting the grass. The mowing deck won’t dent, rust or corrode and the machine is expected to give me a lifetime of service. The engine runs on electric, so there’s no smelly fumes to deal with and it doesn’t require a choke to start. I can also adjust the cutting position seven different mowing heights using a convenient lever. I’m really glad I read all the reviews at that helped me choose the best mower for my yard.

Apart from having a great mower, my job is more enjoyable as I get to watch birds in my garden. There’s a large tree there that plays host to many different birds. One of those birds is the robin, with its bright orange breast and singing a happy song. This robin was busy tugging earthworms out of the ground, and I decided to stop my mower and allow it to have some breakfast without being disturbed. After the bird had had its fill and flew off, I restarted the mower and continued with the task at hand.


When I reached the large tree in the garden, I looked up to see a nuthatch. It is characterized by a large head, short tail, and powerful bill and feet. We had placed a bird feeder under one of the branches, and the bird was feasting on sunflower seeds and suet. It was also industriously carrying seeds away to hide. The nuthatch has a quiet call but what I like most about this bird is that it shows little fear of humans, and there are times when it comes very close to us when we’re sitting under the tree.


As I continue mowing the lawn, I see another familiar friend. It’s a jay bird, and this colorful bird from the crow family is noisy as usual. It’s also a beautiful bird with a black and white flecked crown, black mustache, and white throat. It’s also a hoarder and spends its days hiding hazelnuts, acorns and other seeds in the garden. This jay had also made its home in our mature oak tree, and it was busy burying seeds in one of our flowerbeds. My reverie is broken when I feel someone hug me from behind. It’s my girlfriend, beautiful as usual and happy to see that I had finally gotten around to mowing the lawn after a week of procrastination.